The Volvo V90 Cross Country is continuing to deliver an incredible and innovative experience – one that is memorable for all drivers. This wagon can seat five in its meticulously crafted cabin. Cutting-edge innovation has also been incorporated as well as an efficient powertrain. Other features included are a sunroof, a forced inducted engine, and first-class comfort.

Safety & Security That Makes A Difference

The Volvo V90 Cross Country has the capability to keep you and your fellow passengers safe while on the highway. Its advanced safety system can ease your stress while in hectic traffic situations. The goal is to give the driver peace of mind while traveling through the city streets around King of Prussia, or commuting down the freeway.

Active support while changing lanes is possible thanks to the vehicle's Blind Spot Information System. Vehicles entering your blind zones will be detected, and the safety technology can subtly adjust your steering if you fail to do so. Intelligent Safety Assist is another fine feature that utilizes radar-based sensors to scan the highway. The sensors can detect pedestrians, animals, and other vehicles that are in close proximity to you. Autobraking will engage if the driver doesn't press the brake pedal. Cross Traffic Alert will come in handy if you're backing out and will detect movement from pedestrians and vehicles that are behind you. Corrective steering is available if the wagon begins to drift out of the correct lane. Buyers can also expect a camera that will provide a 360-degree view on the monitor.

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