As you search through the lineup of new Volvo models for sale at our Norristown dealership, you’ll likely find quite a few references to mild-hybrid powertrains. That’s because every new Volvo model is set to have some version of mild-hybrid technology in the coming model year, as an upgrade to the current crop of combustion engines. But what is mild hybrid technology and how does it improve your drives from Conshohocken to King of Prussia? Jim Wynn Volvo is here to help you find out.

Electrified Energy

A mild-hybrid system isn’t like a plug-in or even traditional hybrid setup. Instead of creating a complete electric powertrain alongside the combustion engine, mild-hybrid tech electrifies the transmission to help boost power output without driving up fuel costs or weight. At low speeds, this system helps get the wheels turning and get you up to speed, taking some of that responsibility away from the combustion engine. This means greater fuel savings for those who frequently drive through slow-moving or stop and go traffic, as the system is working with more electric power than gasoline.


With no plugging in to worry about, you might be wondering how the new Volvo mild hybrid systems stay charged over a long drive. The 48-Volt battery that powers the system uses regenerative braking to recharge as you continue to drive. Every time you slow down, the system is recharging the battery so it will be ready to kick in when you accelerate from a stop. This helps drive efficiency within the system and adds convenience for your driving experience as well.

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