Are you one of the many drivers who look for technology features when buying a vehicle? Technology is very big in the world today, and many drivers specifically look for vehicles with as many technical features as possible. Collegeville Volvo drivers and owners are particularly fond of the Volvo smartphone integration feature that’s available with all new Volvo vehicles. Come to Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown if you want to learn more about Volvo smartphone integration or check out the many new Volvo vehicles we have to offer.

What is Volvo Smartphone Integration?

Smartphone integration is the ability to connect your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to your new Volvo vehicle. If your phone is an Android, and you want to use Android Auto, you must connect the phone to the car’s USB port and the Android Auto app must be installed on your phone. In order to use Android Auto on your Volvo, your Volvo must have two USB ports.

If your phone is an Apple, and you want to use Apple CarPlay, you must have an internet connection, and you must have Siri voice control active on your Apple phone or Apple device. The internet connection may come from a mobile network or through Wi-Fi.

What Can You Do with Smartphone Integration?

Once you’ve managed to connect your smartphone or smart device to your Volvo, you can use many of the same apps from your phone in the Volvo that you use at home. Pottstown Audubon drivers can make phone calls, send and receive texts, listen to podcasts, download your favorite playlists. You can use many of the functions through Siri or through the display screen. Smartphone integration is a very important feature today because it allows drivers to be in contact with the rest of the world while driving.

The ability to connect your smartphone to your Volvo is probably one of the most popular technology features found in vehicles today. Whether it’s playing games, making phone calls or navigating your GPS around Conshohocken, PA, the possibilities are endless on what you can do thanks to Volvo smartphone integration. Pay our dealership near King of Prussia a visit and get all the information you need on the unique feature known as Volvo smartphone integration.

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