The winter months can be brutal. The air turns wet and cold. That doesn't just take a toll on you and your family in Conshohocken. Your Volvo feels the effects of the season, as well. But you don't have to let your Volvo be a victim to the cold temperatures. Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown know there are steps you can take to ensure it lasts long into the Summer temperatures.

Fluid Levels

Make sure your fluid levels are at their recommended levels. Visit Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown and let our service team inspect your Volvo to ensure they are at a satisfactory level. We don't just mean your oil. That also covers your coolant, power steering, and even your windshield washer fluid.

However, there is more than just knowing you have enough of a component. You might need to change what you are using. Switching to another type of oil, washer fluid, or coolant may be necessary for your car to run at its best. The team at Wynn Volvo Cars knows which fluids work best for the winter in Audubon or Pottstown.

Equip Your Volvo with Season-Appropriate Gear

When was the last time you checked your tires? Was it last summer? Then it is time to consider a switch to winter tires. Inspecting your tires to check the tread depth is vital, no matter the season. The deeper the tread, the more traction you get as you tackle the treacherous commute around Collegeville. New winter tires will go a long way to keeping you from sliding off the road in King of Prussia.

One element you may not even think of is your windshield wipers. But they can play a huge role in your safety. How often do you notice rain or snow streaking across your windshield when your wipers are going? That is an indication you need new windshield wipers. Ineffective wipers can impair your visibility and put you at risk.

These small but important adjustments will not only keep you safe but protect your Volvo from wear-and-tear or Mother Nature. Before the next storm rolls through Conshohocken or Pottstown bring your vehicle to Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown. Our team will get you prepared to conquer any climate this winter.

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