The Volvo S60 remains popular with individuals desiring a vehicle that is sporty yet stylish. Volvo also wants to ensure that all of the occupants are always safe. As such, the manufacturer includes a number of safety features.

Both the driver and the front passenger are protected during a collision by front and side airbags. The steering wheel also collapses. When driving on the highway and about to make a lane change, safety technology also prevents mishaps. The blind-spot detection system alerts drivers if another vehicle is traveling in your blind spot by providing a visual alert.

The interior is also constructed in such a way as to better absorb the impact of a collision to minimize injuries suffered by all passengers. Daytime running lights make the S60 more visible. Fog lamps illuminate the side of the road. Learn more about the Volvo S60 features by taking one of our Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown vehicles for a test drive.

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