If you need to transport a lot of items, your SUV becomes an enormous benefit to you. However, not all SUV’s are created equally. You can’t just load everything and expect your SUV to perform at maximum performance. You should still adhere to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The GVWR is specified by your vehicle manufacturer based on numerous factors and extensive testing.

A few tips to remember when packing:

  • Place the heaviest items to the front of the cargo space.
  • Prior to loading, check the air pressure of all four tires.
  • Never obstruct the driver view of the SUV, even the side view.
  • Refrain from transporting loose cargo items. Secure everything, even during short distances.
  • Determine if you really need to have a full tank of gas to lighten the load capacity.

Stay safe! Remember, Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown 's service center is located in Norristown, PA for all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs!

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