Sometimes it can be hard to choose between a sedan or a larger SUV. A wagon offers the best of both worlds: a mid-range size with ample storage and seating space. The Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon with several exterior features to explore.

A 360-degree surround view camera lets drivers see more of the world around their car. This is helpful for navigating into a tight parking spot or reversing in areas where visibility might be limited. The center display shows a high-resolution image for the driver to refer to as they maneuver the car.

Keyless entry and a hands-free power tailgate allow the driver to unlock the car and open the back with a simple push of a button. Drivers also have the option to move their foot under the rear area, which activates a motion sensor to open the back end. This makes it easier for the driver to open the car when they are carrying large, heavy items.

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