Myths About Motor Oil

There are many falsehoods surrounding motor oil. Knowing the facts saves vehicle owners time and money. Some may believe that black oil is a sign that the oil needs changing. However, the oils created today are designed to provide the appropriate lubricating service regardless of a color change. Another misconception involves synthetic oil. A circulating rumor advises that once vehicle owners use synthetic oil, they must continue doing so or engine damage occurs.

Synthetic oil offers better cleaning power and is more resistant to extreme temperatures. However, switching between oil types does not cause engine damage. Regardless of what type of oil used, it must be the right viscosity or thickness to provide proper protection. Viscosity is clearly displayed on the container label as 10w/30, 10w/40, 30w etc. Oil must also be changed as frequently as recommended to prevent damage. Bring your questions and service needs to our Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown technicians.

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