How to Build an Inexpensive Roadside Emergency Kit

Creating your own small roadside emergency kit will help keep you from being stranded on the highway this year. Here are a few things you should consider adding to your kit.

  • A couple flashlights and spare batteries are helpful for flagging down help at night or making repairs when it is too dark for you to see.
  • Bring a couple quarts of motor oil and gallon of antifreeze or engine coolant.
  • Pack a few cans of tire fix-a-flat in the trunk in the event that one or more tires go flat. Keep road flares or safety triangles in the trunk to alert other drivers your vehicle is disabled.
  • Bring a set of jumper cables to give any driver the chance to help jump-start your car battery.
  • Pack a box with different tools that might be useful to make repairs if the car is disabled.

Before you leave for your next trip, visit our service center at Wynn Volvo Cars Norristown and we can give the car a complete engine and tire inspection.

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