Tire Rotations Extend the Life of Your Tires

Tire rotations are great for your vehicle. That is why our experienced team at Wynn Volvo are so excited to teach you the basics. There are specific orders that your tires should be rotated in depending on the type of drivetrain that your car has. For example, a car that has rear wheel drive and a car that has all wheel drive should rotate their tires in a very different way.

To find out the exact order to rotate the tires of your vehicle, you can always reference your owners manual. The best time to rotate the tires of your car is once every five thousand to six thousand miles driven. This will maximize the amount of life that you get out of all your tires. If you have any more tire rotation or replacement questions or need any other work performed, feel free to stop on by our Norristown, PA dealership today!

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